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That's why we have engineers on staff dedicated to your next project. It's why we are experienced in more than 25 manufacturing technologies. And it's why the "international" in our name means more than location. The expertise of our team spans the globe.

Tape Product Variety

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Power Cable Assemblly

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Cold Forming Process

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Machining Process

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Tape Solutions

A variety of tape technologies and solutions, customized for your application needs.

  • Acrylic-foam tapes
  • Die-cuts
  • Labels
  • Pressure-sensitive-adhesive (PSA) Tapes
  • Protective tapes
  • Single- and double-coated tapes and foam tapes

Cable Assemblies

Quality-tested, precise, cable assembly solutions designed and built to your specifications.

  • Total cost savings
  • Configuration flexibility
  • Full engineering evaluation

Cold Forming

Forging of steel coiled wire or rod into shape at room temperature using multiple dies and punches depending on part complexity

  • High speed
  • Multiple dies for more complex shapes
  • Increased strength from cold working of material


Stock material is cut down to the desired shape. Cutting can be done by rotating either the tool or the part, depending on the machining method used.


  • Intricate geometry not possible through cold forming
  • Tighter tolerances
  • Suitable for lower volume


A variety of processes that involve pressing, cutting or bending sheet metal to final net shape.


  • Compound die
  • Transfer press
  • Progressive die
  • Multi slide

Injection Molding

Process that takes colored or uncolored plastic pellets and forms plastic components we use everyday. Pellets are melted in a pressure barrel and injected into a steel mold. Once the plastic cools the mold separates allowing the part to be ejected.


  • Multiple parts molded at one time
  • Tooling cavitation aligned with component demand
  • Multiple types of plastics can be molded together
  • Insert molding allows for plastic to be molded around other components

Wire Form

Bending of stock wire coil to create parts such as springs, hooks, and custom shapes.


  • High speed
  • No scrap
  • Multiple bends in different directions may be formed on one machine


Process where metal is melted into liquid form and poured into a mold of the desired shape and then allowed to solidify.


  • Design flexibility
  • Capability to produce large complex parts
  • Variations of casting can be used depending upon requirements:
    • Die casting
    • Investment casting
    • Sand casting
Metal Stamping Example

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Injection Molding

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Wire forming process example

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Metal casting

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