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Preventing Plastic Joint Cracks and Creeps

Preventing plastic joints from cracking and creeping, risking loosening and even failure of the fastener, is essential to ensuring the reliability of the end product.

Plastic components cannot always be held together with a permanent bond. In those situations, bolts are often used as fasteners. However, the pressure used when torquing down the bolt can crack the plastic components or cause them to creep.

Compression limiters are the solution. These components, often made of aluminum or brass, protect plastic from the stress put on them by the application of the bolt.

Choosing the right compression limiter makes the difference between cracked plastic and a reliable end product. To learn more about the factors to consider when choosing a compression limiter, read our white paper Compression Limiters. Contact us today with any questions about compression limiters or any other components. We’re here to help.